2016 – Nodes Icons Panel

Nodes Icons Panel 0.9.1

Download, 24 Kb: http://www.reinerstilesets.de/blender/nodes_icons_panel.zip

Recommended Blender Version: 2.76 and higher.


Download the script. ( Right click at it, and save target as … )
Do NOT Unzip the script. We install the whole zip file.
Open the Blender User Preferences and switch to the Addons Tab.
Click the Install from File button, and choose the zipfile with the plugin.
Activate the new installed Plugin.
Save User Preferences.


The Nodes Icons Panel addon installs into the tool shelf of the Node editor. The created tab is called All Nodes. The useage is as simple as switching to this tab, and use the buttons there.

You can use pure icon buttons. Or you can switch to textbuttons with icons with the checkbox at the top.

Known issues

– The tooltip does not show the node name. It shows the Python term, which gives a hint then. But sometimes this tooltip displays the wrong part. The part with the flag state, and not the one that tells you what node it is. Unfixable.
– The icons takes eons to load when you first open the All Nodes panel. They pop up one by one. Also this is unfixable since i load external icons here.

Release Notes

16.12.2016 – Nodes Icons Panel 0.9.1

Another addon that i cannot fully finish in the way i want. The Blender limits are too strong here. See known issues. The addon does its job though, even with this flaws. And so i release it the way it is. Let’s hope that the Blender developers improves the useage of external icons at one point.

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