2004 – Colour Replacer

Upload at 22.6.2004

A little application to replace a colour at several pictures at once.

Colour Replacer is a very specialized tool to replace a single colour at several pictures at once. It was mainly made for all those people that are not this lucky with the Background Colour of my Sprites.

Such a Sprite Package of my Homepage can contain several hundrets of single Animation Pictures. And not everybody loves to recolour them all manually … 😉

So that´s why i made this tool: Place the pictures into the input folder, and click at the convert all button. The result can be found in the output folder then. With new colours.

Colour Replacer works with Bitmaps only. So don´t even try to use it for gifs, jpegs or something similar. It is only made for Bitmaps 😉

Colour Replacer — 600 KB — Download