Blender related

Here you can find some Blender Addons and other Blender related things

ATTENTION, the addons just works with Blender 2.79 and lower. I will not update these addons to Blender 2.80. They are part of Bforartists now.

Align View Buttons – 25.02.2017 – A addon that installs buttons into the header of the 3D view to switch between views.

Bforartists dark theme  – 13.1.2017 – The new default theme for Bforartists. It also works in Blender

Nodes Icons Panel – 16.12.2016 – The addon adds a tab in the Node editor with all nodes as icon buttons.

Bake in Tool Shelf – 08.11.2016 – The addon displays the bake tools in the Tool Shelf too.

Mini Lightlib – 01.11.2016 – Mini Lightlib is a little addon that gives you some standard lighting settings for the Cycles renderer.

Mode Tab Buttons – 6.10.2016 – The Mode Tab Buttons addon installs a buttonbar to switch between the different object modes in Blender. A little substitute for the mode dropdown box.

Stroke Select – 9.8.2016 – Stroke Select is a substitute for Circle Select. Simply select elements by a mouse stroke.

Blender 2.76 Manual as PDF – 3.4.2016 – Here comes the Blender 2.76 manual in PDF format to have a offline version of the Blender manual. And in ODT format, which makes it editable in LibreOffice and OpenOffice.

Important Hotkeys – 24.1.2016 – This addon shows the most important hotkeys in the upper left corner.

Moonshine Blue Theme – 9.11.2015 – A further developed version of the Tilestheme. This theme is currently in use in the Blender fork Bforartists.

Tilestheme – 3.5.2014 – This is the Blender theme that i made for my personal use.

Create Isocam – 4.3.2014 – This Blender addon creates a camera for isometric view. You can choose between three camera setups for that.

– A camera setup for true mathematical isometric
– A camera setup with a view that is needed to render traditional isometric graphics for a 2D game with a ratio of 2 to 1
– A camera setup to render a special game iso format with a ratio of 4 to 3

Reset 3D View – 26.02.2014 – This Blender Addon resets all open 3D Views to a standard view.

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