Mini Lightlib

Mini Lightlib 0.6

Download, 7.84 Mb:

Mini Lightlib is a little addon that gives you some standard lighting settings for the Cycles renderer. It contains for example the classical threepoint setup. But also some basic volumetrics examples. And the needed backdrop for a studio setup.

The addon is created with Blender 2.76. So you need minimum Blender 2.76. It should work with older versions, i have also tested it with Blender 2.75. But there is no guarantee. It definitely works with Blender 2.77.

Mini Lightlib does not work with Blender 2.78 and 2.78a. There is a Blender bug that will crash Blender to desktop when you try to append a light library.

Sorry folks. There is nothing i can do here. It’s a Blender bug in 2.78  and 2.78a that needs to be fixed in Blender.

For now you could simply use Blender 2.77 to prepare the scene for rendering. Or you open the Light library scenes from the addon with Blender 2.78.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Download the script. ( Right click at it, and save target as … )
Extract the RAR archive. It contains the zipfile with the addon and the manual.
Do NOT Unzip the script in the zip archive. We install the whole zip file.
Open the Blender User Preferences and switch to the Addons Tab.
Click the Install from File button, and choose the zipfile with the plugin.
Activate the new installed Plugin.
Save User Preferences.


Mini Lightlib can be found in the Tool Shelf in the Create Tab below the Add Primitive Panel.

The useage is as simple as selecting the needed assets in the dropdown box, click the Append Asset button, and hit render when all needed assets are in the scene.

Make sure that you have the Cycles renderer selected! MLL will not work with the Blender Internal renderer.

Make sure to throw out all other lights and cameras from the scene first. Two light setups is one too much. And the standard Blender camera does not fit to MLL.

For further instructions see the manual that comes with the addon. Or watch this video:

Available Light setups

Here you can find an overview over the available light setups and their render results.

Release Notes


Videotutorial added.

01.11.2016 – Version 0.6

The first public release for Mini Lightlib. It comes with 16 predefined light setups for Cycles.

A big thanks goes to the helpful souls at Blendpolis and Blender Stack Exchange.

Credits for Studio Diffuse White and Studio Diffuse White Rim goes to Tilation.
Also big thanks to aeon for his studio setup tips.
Both are members of the german 3D community 3D Ring.

The addon is open source under Apache license. Feel free to modify it to your needs.