2014 – I am right

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17.7.2014 – I am right!

Normally i develop games. But from time to time i feel for making a still. All three or four years or so.

The motif is in my head since quite a while. I made a scribble for it long ago. Now i have finally spent a few days to redo it in 3D. It took me four weeks to create everything up to this final render.

Modeling happened in trueSpace and Blender. Sculpting in 3D Coat. Texturing happened in Blender, 3D Coat and Gimp plus a homebrew tool called Halo Remover. Scene setup, rigging, posing, and rendering happened in Blender and Cycles. Post processing in Gimp. Levelling and adding the background image in the window.

4 thoughts on “2014 – I am right

  1. F. Scott Gale

    Now I’m not trying to be rude… but is that what I think it is on the kid’s wallpaper?
    Or perhaps I need to get my mind in a different state… lol

  2. Patricia

    I’m so grateful that you provide all your sprites! I just wanted to know whether it’s possible for you to include missing directions for the 2D animal spider sprite (green and yellow one). It’s missing most of the directions of the dying animation (and no been hit).

  3. Reiner Post author

    Hi Patricia,

    That’s not possible, sorry. I have long stopped making game graphics. I fear you have to live with what is available.

    Kind regards – Reiner

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