2006 – Closing Time

October 2006 – I wanted to create a little movie this year (2006) to improve my graphical and animation skills in 3D. You never stop learning. Especially in 3D.

The first try as a member of a movie project failed. So i picked my stuff and created my own little movie with it.

Here you can see the result. I hope you like it 🙂

Closing Time , WMV, 11 MB, duration 1:23 min

It is modeled and textured with trueSpace 6.6 . Rigged and keyframe animated with Motion Studio, a bones plugin for trueSpace. The music is made with Rebirth 338, a technostepsequencer. The sound FX are recorded with a head mic and finalized with Audacity. The video cut was made with Magix Video Plus 06/07

I cannot exactly say how long it took. The characters were formerly made for the team project. But i guess it’s around 5 months of work that finally went into making this movie.