2005 – Reiner`s Tilesetmaker

First u pload at 22.1.2005 / Update 24.1.2005 / Update 12.3.2005

Newest version is 2.04 from the Update of 12.3.2005, readable in the upper bar, and in the about dialog.

A small program to create Tilesets in a quick way.

Reiner-s Tilesetmaker was born with the idea, to reduce the effort of building a big picture out of some small ones. Building a Tileset out of Tiles …

Sure, you can also use a paintprogram for this. And after a few Pictures you will start to hate it: open a small picture, copy, paste into the tileset, position it … open the next small picture, copy, switch back to the tileset, paste …

This is version 2 of Tilesetmaker. With lots of new features.

There are three different modi. Single Mode is thought to work with single Pictures. Multi Mode is made to choose a folder, and to create a tileset with its content then. Drag n Drop is made to drop files from a folder, and to create a tileset with the dropped stuff. The maximum size for tilesets is 1440 X 1440 pixel. It imports Bitmaps and GIF, and the tileset will be saved in 32 Bit Bitmap then.

Tilesetmaker is not a paint program. It´s a special tool for a predefined job. And it has its limitations because of this. Read more about in the manual that comes with the software.

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