2017 – Align View Buttons






Align View Buttons 1.0.2

Download, 12 Kb: www.reinerstilesets.de/blender/align_view_buttons.zip

The Align View Buttons addon installs a buttonbar to switch between the different views in Blender.

Recommended Blender Version: 2.78 and higher. The addon also works in lower versions 2.77 and 2.76. But the addon shows an icon update problem here.


Download the script. ( Right click at it, and save target as … )
Do NOT Unzip the script. We install the whole zip file.
Open the Blender User Preferences and switch to the Addons Tab.
Click the Install from File button, and choose the zipfile with the plugin.
Activate the new installed Plugin.
Save User Preferences.


The script installs into the header of the 3D view. The useage is as simple as clicking the buttons then to switch the views.

Release Notes

08.12.2017 – Version 1.0.2

Fixed a problem with unregistering the menu entry.

19.03.2017 – Version 1.0.1

Fixed the icons. Some of them had white background instead of transparent.

07.10.2016 – Version 1.0.0

This Blender addon is once more a side product of the Bforartists development. Have fun with it 🙂