2009 – Helperpicture

24.12.2009 – Bugfix Release 1.01

The load image dialogue now opens at the last path, with the last loaded
picture in the selection. And not longer fixed at the My Documents

Bug fixed in the load image dialogue. The possible extension types were mixed and separated. Are in one row now.

Helperpicture — 755 Kb — Download

Here a little movie to make it more clear —3.5 Mb — helperpicture.wmv

2.6.2009 – Helperpicture

Helperpicture is a small application that allows you to display a picture at the desktop. It layers above all other windows. It also allows you to load an audiosample and play it with a mouseclick.

I have developed it because there is no way to graphically display an audiosample in trueSpace Workspace, which is needed to record keyframes fitting to the sample. That’s why there is also the audio module. You load a sample, move the audiomodule above the play button, and with one click you not only start the animation but also play the sample.


  • Numpad + – Zoom in
  • Numpad – -Zoom out
  • R – resets zoom to 100%

Note that zoom with Numpad keys resets the zoom that you have done with the window handlers.

To move the reference lines left click at the handlers and move left or right


  • Load your sample
  • Move the module above any button you want to use it at
  • Left click not only presses this button then, but also plays the loaded sample
  • Right click stops the sample