2006 – rb338modhelper

Upload at 18.1.2006

This little app is thought to help at making mods for Rebirth 338 . Rebirth 338 is a Technomusicmaker. And it´s freeware since a short time. You can find it here:


Rb338modhelper is thought to have an at once look at the components while working at them. It makes it possible to have a look at a single or all components and listen to the samples without the need to convert the mod.

What it is not: a tool to create Rebirth 338 Mods. You still have to create the components outside. And also the mod itself has to be created with Modpacker. It just shall help to test the mod without the need to convert it for every test.

You can find a by me created mod and its components in the Rb338modhelper folder. Its name is RBMH. I have tested Rb338modhelper with it. But don´t expect too much. That was my first Rebirth 338 Mod ever. Marvellous nasty. Especially the samples. I think i will leave the samples part in other hands in the future … 🙂

You can modify and use the by me created components for your own needs if you want. They are freeware without any limits. Like all my other graphics too.

Furthermore there is a stone old song i made eons ago with RB 338 1.5. Enjoy 🙂

5.23 mb — Download