Here you can find the rest of the show. Everything that is not graphics, game or application.

2014 – Here you can find some Blender addons: www.reinerstilesets.de/anderes/blender-addons/

2013 – Here you can find a zipfile that contains several trueSpace Workspace plugins. Note that this file is not longer updated since spring 2011.


Nvil IconsetMore Info

17.12.2012 – This is an iconset for a polygon modeler called NVil. The set contains around 250 single icons.

Unity Testproject — 9.6 Mb — DownloadMore Info

7.4.2010 – Testproject to learn Unity. A little flight simulator

Linked is the most current build, Build 61 – The zipfile contains the Unity project folder, and a exe version in case you don`t have Unity installed.

What holds the earth?More Info

17.7.2009 – What holds the earth? is a small animation short movie. I made it together with some folks from the Caligari Beta Team and with trueSpace 7.61 B8. Click at the links to watch it.

WMV version. Resolution 640×360, Size ~ 13 Mb, Length 2:50— What holds the earth
WMV version. Resolution 640×360, Size ~ 13 Mb, Length 2:50— What holds the earth

And here another version for those of you that are in trouble with the WMV version. It is encoded with XVid
Resolution 640×360, Size ~ 16.5 Mb, Length 2:50 — What holds the earth , AVI

Gamestudio Testproject — Mehr Info

16.9.2008 – This was a little test project to learn the 3D Gamestudio and a bit Lite C. It is stopped since several months now, and i went on with something different.

Abandoned – The Lite C Code with the testlevel is available as download. Have fun 🙂

The download can be found when you follow the More Info link. There are two versions …

Closing TimeMore Info

15.8.2006 – A small animation short movie. Made with trueSpace 6.6, Motion Studio, Rebirth 338 and Audacity. The file format is WMV, and should run at every Windows PC. When it refuses to run directly, right click at the link and download it with “save target as”.

11 MB, 1:23 Min, WMV – Watch Closing Time