trueSpace Workspace Plugins pack

trueSpace is the render and animation software that i have used for years to create my graphics. It is abandoned since spring 2009. But i still use it for the modeling part.

Here you can find a zipfile that contains several trueSpace Workspace plugins. Note that this file is not longer updated since spring 2011.

A detailled list of the workspace plugins can be found in the zipfile. It`s basically the list from my old page.

43 Mb — Download


NOTE: The listed plugins and scripts are for the WORKSPACE, the new architecture of trueSpace 7.6. In case you search for plugins for the old architecture, the Modeler, you should have a look here. But be prepared for dead links …
Japanese page. Partially with english descriptions. Don’t panic, plugins are in english. This page has still the most working links
The TSX Archive.
Lunadudes Pluginlist is still one of the most complete lists of what was ever available for Modeler, trueSpace 6.6 and below.
East Power Soft offers a very complete trueSpace Plugin Archive here too
This is the forum where you can find the old trueSpace gang nowadays. Some are even still developing plugins for trueSpace. So when you need help with tS, that`s the right place.

4 thoughts on “trueSpace Workspace Plugins pack

  1. Leroy

    Thanks for hosting all the TS plugins. I don’t use TS workspace side all that much but I love the modelside intensely.

  2. Reiner Post author

    I am definitely a workspace side user. I wish they would have continued with development. They were finally at a good road …

  3. michael goetze

    gibt es für den workspace ( ts 7.6 ) ein plugin, um einen animationspfad
    zu erzeugen?

    mit besten grüßen

    michael goetze

  4. Reiner Post author

    Hi Michael,

    Leider nicht. Bis zu dem Punkt sind sie leider nicht vorgestossen. Wenn du einen Animationsspline brauchst dann geht das nur auf der Modelerseite. Den kannst du aber so viel ich mich noch erinnere nicht auf der Workspaceseite verwenden.

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