2014 – CuHe

CuHe Version 1.0

Download Exe version for Windows, 6.66 Mb: Download
Download Unity Project folder, 761 Kb. You need Unity 4.6 or higher for it : Download

CuHe uses a special method to call a windows file browser. Here is a project file with just this file browser implementation so that you can study how it works. 117 Kb. Download

What is it? CuHe is a one trick tool. It creates some kind of a heightmap mesh from an image. But not one vertice per pixel, but one cube per pixel. Something like a cubic heightmap. Once done you can save the result as Obj.

CuHe is Windows only.

There is not only the exe version from CuHe, but also the Unity project file. CuHe is open source under the MIT license. Have fun.

And there is a special project file with just the Windows file browser. Because this is a very special chapter …

Please note that the code comes as is.

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