Here you can find the licensing informations for the graphics

In short: The 2D and 3D graphics are free to use for non commercial and commercial useage. Accent at useage.

All the graphics, textures, sound FX and meshes are freeware. Even for commercial Games. I just want my name in the Credits in the commercial case: Reiner “Tiles” Prokein. You can modify the assets in every needed way to fit it to your needs: size, colour, fileformat, etc., you can reuse the textures … .

Even when the Graphics and meshes are freeware, it doesn´t mean that you can upload my raw graphics and meshes to your page, sell them or do something else with it. This also includes recoloured or in other ways modified Sprites, Tilesets or meshes. The graphics and meshes itself are mine as long as you haven´t made something with it. But it becomes completely yours when you make a game or something like that with it.

You can give away my graphics and meshes besides that. Just not through a ressourcesite. I have this site by myself. The best is to link to my page.

With other words: You can do everything with my graphics and meshes, EXCEPT everything that directly competes with me. This includes also any modifications or conversions, such things like a thumbnail linkpage, etc.

Besides that, do with it what you want. Have fun.

In case you are still unsure if you can use my graphics for your needs, simply write me a mail and ask for permission. I don’t bite

While at it,

The games and apps are freeware. But that doesn´t mean that you can upload it to your webspace. The games and apps are, like the raw graphics and meshes, completely under my copyright. If you want to, you can link to my gamessection like all the other freeware pages do.

I don’t take any responsibility for possible damages through my graphics, games or applications. But i have never received reports of such trouble anyway 🙂