2012 – Nvil Iconset

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Iconset –  This is the full iconset as single graphics. 5.29 Mb www.reinerstilesets.de/ext/voidworld/Nvilbuttonsr3c.rar

Nvil User Toolbar – Just to prevent confusion. You need either V3 OR V4. V4 contains the toolbar from V3. So use this version when you are unsure.

Actual Usertoolbar version V3 for Nvil. This is a toolbar that can be opened in Nvil, and you can build your own toolbars with. 1.12Mb : www.reinerstilesets.de/ext/voidworld/UserButtonToolSettingsV3f.rar

Actual Usertoolbar version V4 for Nvil. This is the more advanced version of the Usertoolbar. It mimics the current Nvil layout 1.14 Mb.  www.reinerstilesets.de/ext/voidworld/UserButtonToolSettingsV4d.rar

Nvil is a nice 3D modeler in development. And can be found here: digitalfossils.com/

To “install” this toolbar grab the UserButtonToolSettings.xml in the zipfile and replace it with the UserButtonToolSettings.xml in the DigitalFossils\VoidWorld\User Settings folder which currently can be found in your own documents folder.

The toolbars can be turned visible under View / Windows / User Tool Windows then.


17.12.2012 – Another small update. A few more icons, and a few more fixes. The price to support a software in development. The links above are fixed to lead to the new versions.

And version 4 of the user toolbars is also ready. This one mimics the current standard layout of Nvil as a button layout.

And that`s basically it. My job is done. Besides to add a missing icon here and there, and to fix bugs and quirks when they show up. The price to support a software in development. Let`s have a look 🙂

8.12.2012 – There were some small changings that made it necessary to reupload the files. Some fixings and one more icon. The developer of Nvil just introduced a new feature when i was done. The red triangles that indicates right and middle mouse button functionality of a button is now set automatically. So i needed to remove all the button images where i had added this red triangle manually.

While at it i have cleaned up the page here a bit too. I´ve decided to discontinue the older versions of the user toolbars. Version 1 was just the iconset, and more or less useless anyways. And version 2 is included in Version 3.

4.12.2012 – Another step. Version 3 of the Nvil user toolbars.

In this version the button are sorted by options and tools. And i have unioned more than one buttonset into one button with LMB and RMB functionality. And some even with MMB. The ones with additional right click functionality have a little red square up right. The ones that have additionally middle click functionality have another red triangle in the upper left corner. The old toolbar with all the buttons is also still present in case you nevertheless want to use single buttons. So this is the ultimate starterkit to start with building your own toolbars from.

20.11.2012 – Version 2 of the Nvil user toolbars.

This version of the user toolbars are with description and with hilighted buttons where necesary. This is the base to build your own custom toolbars from.

The next and final step is to create some toolbars that are useful to work with 🙂

11.11.2012 – Nvil Buttonset reupload

There were some missing buttons and quirks, and i have added a red buttonset too.

4.11.2012 – Nvil Buttonset

Nvil is a nice 3D modeler in development. Can be found here: digitalfossils.com/

The software has already lots of functionality. I guess it isn`t this far away from feature complete. And before a few weeks it got support for User Toolbars. That`s the place where some icons comes in handy.

Initially i just wanted to make a few icons for the most important tools and my own needs when the new User Toolbars gots introduced. Then i made a few more icons, and got carried away. Wich i quickly regret. Geez, that was a hell lots of buttons. I thought it will never end.

But i usually finish what i start. And it was fun to invent the icons. And so i have finished a complete iconset for all through the User Toolbars available buttons now.  The complete Customize Tools list. 554 icons so far. It all in all took me around four weeks.

Each icon is available with different background colours black, blue and green. Plus greyed out. And one set is the pure icons without background colour in case you want to use your own custom button background or you prefer the raw look.

The size for this buttons is 32×32. Which fits good to my 1920 screen and my doddery fingers. I didn`t wanted to go any bigger. Making the set smaller to fit lower resolutions shouldn`t be a problem with Gimp and Davids Batch Processor. No guarantee that the quality still is ok for all buttons then though. There`s some fragile stuff …

This file here is the xml file that contains the User Toolbars as shown in the shot. And the reason why this set deserves its own page. You have to put it into the DigitalFossils\VoidWorld\User Settings folder that currently gets created in the Documents folder.

You can of course use the icons also with other projects and for other needs. Have fun with it.

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