Here you can find my software applications. They are freeware. If not described different, all applications comes as an install file, and are meant to run on Windows.

CuHeMore Info

Download Exe version for Windows, 6.66 Mb: Download
Download Unity Project folder, 761 Kb. You need Unity 4.6 or higher for it : Download

29.11.2014 – CuHe is a one trick tool. It creates some kind of a heightmap mesh from an image. But not one vertice per pixel, but one cube per pixel. Something like a cubic heightmap. Once done you can save the result as Obj. CuHe is open source.

Buttonlabelcombiner — 866Kb — DownloadMore Info

4.11.2012 – Buttonlabelcombiner is a batch tool to combine icons with a background image. To put labels on top of a button.

Halo Remover — 1.08 Mb — DownloadMore Info

15.7.2010 – A application to remove the halo problem around textures. It extends the border around the visible areas.

Simple Alphachanneler — 1.2 Mb — DownloadMore Info

28.1.2010 – Simple Alphachanneler is a little application with which you can give image sequences an alphachannel.

Helperpicture — 755 Kb — DownloadMore Info

24.12.2009 – Helperpicture is a little application that allows you to display a picture at the desktop. A helperpicture …

Reiner’s Tilesetmaker V3 — 1.08 Mb — DownloadMore Info

15.1.2009 – The replacement of my Tilesetmaker 2.
Tilesetmaker V3 is a little application to make a big tileset out of several small pictures by union them together.

HemaHema — 4.74MB — DownloadMore Info

24.2.2009 – HemaHema is a little Terrain creator. Create heightmap, create texture, save in the 3D format OBJ. Plus spread plant meshes across the landscape.

Daueridler — 570 Kb — DownloadMore Info

25.4.2008 – Daueridler trys to prevent disconnections because of inactivity by causing some internet traffic in adjustable time intervals.

Simple Multireplacer — 522 KB — DownloadMore Info

25.10.2007 – Small application to replace multiple strings in multiple text documents.

AASpritesharpborder — 600 KB — DownloadMore Info

7.8.2006 – Gives an antialiased rendered Sprite the sharp border of the not antialiased rendered one.

Rb338modhelper — 5.23mb — DownloadMore Info

18.1.2006 – Small helperapp that helps you at creating Rebirth 338 Mods.

Reiner`s Tilesetmaker — 828 kb — DownloadMore Info

22.1.2005 – Small app to create tilesets.

Colour Replacer — 600 kb — DownloadMore Info

22.6.2004 – A little application to replace a colour at several pictures at once.

Reiner’s Tilecutter — 740 kb — DownloadMore Info

29.12.2002 – A little application to cut out tiles from a tileset.