2015 – Nibbler Valley

Windows Standalone, 38.9 Mb www.reinerstilesets.de/downloads/Nibbler_Valley_Windows.rar
Windows Installer, 38.7 Mb www.reinerstilesets.de/downloads/InstallNibblerValley.exe
Linux Standalone, 57.1 Mb www.reinerstilesets.de/downloads/Nibbler_Valley_Linux.tar.gz

Unity 5.1 Project file. 187 Mb www.reinerstilesets.de/downloads/Nibbler_Valley_Projectfile.rar

22.6.2015 – Nibbler Valley Version 1.0

Nibbler Valley is a bubble shooter game. Shoot coins. And when you have three or more connected coins of the same colour, then this coins gets removed. From time to time a new wave of coins gets added. The game is over when you either clean the table, or when a coin reaches the lowest area of the playfield.

The game is available for Windows and Linux.

Additionally you can also grab the Unity project file. Nibbler Valley is open source under a MIT license. You need Unity 5.1 or higher.

Big thanks for Bug Reports and help with some problems goes to HiddenMonk, Mark, Malzbie, RipperRoo, khaos und Flatterbacke.

Special thanks goes to Flatterbacke for his big help with the bullet movement code.

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