2016 – Blender 2.76 PDF Manual

Here you can find the whole english Blender 2.76 manual in PDF format.

This Blender manual is a side product of the Bforartists development. It needs a manual too. And the Blender manual is the base for the Bforartists manual.

It is not exactly split in sub pages like the original online manual. But it is split into over 390 single pdf files. The online manual has even more sub pages. I had once planned to have just one pdf per chapter. Which would have meant to have 17 pdf documents. But that didn’t turn out well. Too big and too hard to navigate then. So i ended in having the pdf files nearly split like the original html files. What is missing is most of the links. They did not survive the conversion.

Additionally it comes with the whole manual in ODT format too. Which makes the manual now editable for everybody. ODT is the format for the popular free office suites LibreOffice and OpenOffice.

Note that this manual comes as is. I will not change it anymore. The goal was to have a converted base for the Bforartists manual. Which is reached with this version.

Blender 2.76 PDF Manual, 76.3 Mb


Blender 2.76 Manual in ODT format , 198 Mb


Update 02-07-2016 – Reupload Version 2

The original Blender manual was for a while under a wrong licensing type. It was unasked put under CC license. Which made this fix and reupload for this files necessary. Now the  Blender 2.76 manual is back under OCL license.