2012 – Vertexpainting Tutorial for animated Trees in Unity

This tutorial explains the workflow and how to setup a tree and so that it bends in the wind in Unity by using the ats mobile foliage shaders and Blender for the vertex painting part. This works by giving the mesh different vertex colours. The result will bend then by the ats wind script or the T4M Terrain system wind settings, dependand of the painted colour.

Unfortunately you need a older version of blender for this task too. Gradient vertex painting exists in Blender 2.49, but is still not converted to 2.6x series. I hope that this for this workflow important script will make its way into Blender in the future. For now we need Blender 2.49 though for the gradient part.

Another unfortunately: you need to download the video. It is FLV, which is flash. And this is not longer supported

6 thoughts on “2012 – Vertexpainting Tutorial for animated Trees in Unity

  1. Dennis

    I enjoyed your tutorial it might be a bit over my head but interasting none the less. My hobby is game making I am working on a game in TGC (AGK). I used your fish in one of my games. You can check out the video on my site. Under water sight that I added anitmation to it. Again nice work.


  2. Wendelin Reich

    Wow, this tutorial was super-useful, thank you/Danke! I’m an avid Blender-user and just discovered the ats mobile foliage shaders, but without your video, I would never have figured out that Blender 2.49 can help here. And I have to say, doing the vertex painting manually in Blender 2.70 turned out to be unfeasible – if the color distribution isn’t smooth on the mesh, the shader creates tears that look really ugly during gameplay.

  3. Reiner Post author

    Yes, there are unfortunately a few things that didn’t make it through the Blender 2.5 barrer.

    But i am glad that the tutorial was of use for your 🙂

  4. Reiner Post author

    A few years later i just discovered that new Blender versions does now have the ability to draw gradients at vertices by using projection painting. So the extra step across Blender 2.49 is obsolete now.

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