2002 – Drachenhort

Upload at 1.11.2002

Minimum requirements: 500mhz, 128mb ram, graphic card with 32 mb ram (it makes no fun with slower pc´s because of the loadingtimes between the frames, but should be playable)

My biggest game until this point, a 2d-actionadventure.

Collect jewels, explore dungeons, enemies, riddles, traps.

Playersprite is a dragon called Gwynnalfaidur. Some wizards has stolen his treasures.

(by the way, “drachenhort” is the german word for the treasures of a dragon … )

Drachehort — 9.55 Mb — Download

ATTENTION! There are unfortunately some Bugs and Crashes inside the game. Some of them are based on my lack of knowledge at that time ( advanced beginner ) , and some of them are based at Bugs in the Authoring Tool that i used to build the game at this time. The current Version of this Authoring Tool is as stable as never. But it doesn´t load the old gamefile anymore. So there is no way to fix the remaining Bugs. And i simply don´t have the time to rebuild the whole game. It is just still up because of history reasons. I once have spent 9 months at this game. Not this easy to simply delete it then … 😉

So a big Sorry at this point for the Bugs and Crashes that will appear during the game.

Known Bugs:

When you open the blue Gate with the blue Keystone, you should progress to the Kikeriki Temple and save at this Savepoint. But DON´T save somewhere in Front of the blue Gate once you opened it. The blue Gate denies to stay opened when you change the Frame. So when you save somewhere IN FRONT of the blue Gate, the blue Keystone will be gone ( because used ), the blue Gate will be closed, and there is no way to progress the game.

There are also some random crashes while Framejump. They appear randomly. Sometimes it works, sometimes it crashes.

I was also reported about crashes while collecting Jewels. So save as often as possible. Exception is the ” Blue Gate” Situation as described above 😉

There is also partially the english translation missing …