Welcome at my Homepage 🙂

What is this page about?

Well, I`m a hobby game developer. And when i started to make games some years ago, i couldn`t find the grapics i was looking for. So i started to make my own graphics. And the deal is since years: i make games, and i share its graphics with the world then. For free. That`s where this page here comes in handy.

What you can get here:

  • Tilesets, Sprites, etc. , 2D graphics to create a computer game. The Graphics are mainly for isometric games.
  • Textured low poly meshes for 3D games
  • Textures
  • Sound Effects
  • My freeware games and applications
  • Tutorials, Tips, etc. …

And hopefully lots of fun 🙂

The Files are zipped. So you need a Zip software to extract the stuff. Like Winzip or Ultimate Zip. The internal Windows Explorer Zip doesn´t like Winzip files sometimes …

Most of the Bitmap Graphics are 24 Bit truecolour *. bmp

The meshes comes in different flavours like *.OBJ and *.MDL. It can also be that you find the trueSpace scene or object in the file. Or FBX for animated stuff. Plus the corresponding texture/s.

You can modify my graphics and meshes in every needed way to fit it to your needs.


Even if i am providing Graphics and meshes here, it is nearly impossible to fit it to all languages and authoring tools used for game creating. I only provide graphical raw material here. You have to fit the graphics and meshes to your need. I am providing Bitmap for the 2D graphics, because you can convert it to everything needed …

The fitting starts with the transparent colour. I was  working with Multimedia Fusion from Clickteam when i created the 2D graphics. And this tool is able to set ALL colours to transparent. It is also nearly imposible to put all the Graphics to Tilesets, especially the Sprites. Or maybe putting in the animations as *. avi, or creating extra Tilesets for gamemaker, or converting it for Blitz use, for Sphere, for …

You see what i mean:-) If i would do this, there wouldn’t be enought time to create sprites or graphics 😉 Not talking about my poor webspace …

I am making Graphics since eons (1999). This means that there are still tilesets and graphics at my page which could be called rookie mistakes. Well i learned a lot in the past ( i hope so 😛 ) … so in the future i will delete some of my rookie mistakes to free room for advanced mistakes 😀

Same counts for the meshes. It`s a long way from absolute beginner to useful state of the art graphics.

Anyway, you have to live with the stuff that is up 🙂


Update 26.2.2014

Q: I am in need of a Sprite. Could you make it ? He should …
A: Not longer. I miss even the time for my own needs nowadays. There is nothing more left for requests. The chapter isometric graphics is a closed chapter nowadays anyways. You have to live with what`s available.

Q: I need a Mario Sprite …
A: Besides the point above, Sorry, but i will never re-create copyrighted stuff. No Mario, no Batman, no Megaman. I simply don´t have enough money to pay such companies like Nintendo 😉

Q: Hey, do you want to join our team ? …
A: I am not to hire, sorry. Too much own projects. So sorry, no way 😉

Q: I would have a question there. How can i in Gamemaker, MMF, Unity etc. code it, so that … please mail me back.
A: I am really sorry, but i don`t give lessons. I cannot handle and answer such stuff too, one by one and mail by mail. making graphics is time consuming enough. So it may be the best idea to ask your specific questions at the boards of your software. The cracks who really have an answer on everything also sits there. Being busy with answering mails stopps me from making graphics 😉

Q: I don’t look through … at your Tiles
A: There are still my old Tilesets at my page. These ones have a Basetilesize of 32 pixels. The new Isosets do have a Basetilesize of 64 x 48 pixels with an 16 pixel grid to use. Throw a look at the tips Tilesets category here. I also recommend to download you the Isotiles Tutorial. Makes things clearer, even if you don´t want to create your own tiles.

Q: I need your graphics in the GIF format. Why don’t you offer your Sprites and Tiles in the GIF format? It´s much more space-saving …
A: Because not everybody uses 256 colors graphics for its game. You can change bitmap into all formats. However, you can´t convert a GIF picture with its 256 colors back to theTruecolur Bitmappicture that i am providing here. It stays with 256 colours even when backconverted. So there are above 15 million colours lost then 😉

Q: I need your Sprites at an Tileset, converted for my Gamemaking program, with another background color …
A: Unfortunately, it is impossible for me to offer my graphics for all available languages and Gamemaking programs pre-convertedly. There are dozens of graphic formats. And dozens of languages/Gamemaking programs. I offer only the graphic raw material here. So, you must adapt the graphics for your language/your Gamemaking program. Sorry …

Q: Hey, your Zipfiles are all empty. What the …
A: The Zipfiles aren´t empty. My old Files are zipped with Winzip. And sometimes the internal Zipmodule of the Windows Explorer doesn´t want to work correct with the files. Not that i ever had this problem. But i got some reports with this strange behaviour. So unzip the graphics with WINZIP or ULTIMATE ZIP or … everyting except INBUILD WINDOS ZIPMODULE when you have trouble with my files 😉

My new files are zipped with Rar. Use Winrar or 7-Zip to extract.

Q: I AM using Winzip. But your Zipfiles are still empty …
A: No, they are not. Use SAVE AS in the SAVE DIALOGUE. And NOT OPEN 😉

Q: Your Zipfiles are passwordprotected. Could you please give me the password ?
A: They are DEFINIETELY NOT passwordprotected. Maybe it is because of WIN XP SP2, because such reports increased after its release. Or it is an incompatibility between some Winzip releases. Whatever. In some cases it helped to drag the stuff in an folder instead of extracting it. And it worked then …

Q: I need your 3D Meshes / 3D Scenes for your old isometric graphics, because i need to do some modifications.
A: Well, i had cases where some guys tried to steal even my bitmaps, by creating a resource page with it. I wonder what would have happened when they would have had also the original scenes / meshes. The scenes / meshes are my Blueprints. And the proof that the stuff is mine. Which finally stopped those pirates. And so i cannot give away my original Scenes / Meshes, sorry. I hope you understand it .

Q: I need your 3D Meshes / 3D Scenes for your old isometric graphics, because i want them to use in my 3D Game.
A: Besides the formerly told Point, even when this pirate story wouldn´t have happened, i wouldn´t give away my scenes / meshes. They are useless for 3D games. They contain ways too much polygons, are bad textures, and not detailled enough modeled. Modeling for creating such small 2D sprites like mine is a completely different chapter than modeling 3D Meshes for a 3D Game. You can fake a lot when you render to bitmap. And too detailled textures and modeling could even kill the flavour of the 2D rendered result …

I have started a 3D Meshes category. The stuff there is made and suited for 3D games.

Q: Would it be possible to provide a bundled Zipfile with all graphics of a section? Downloading and unzipping them one by one is very time consuming.
A: Sorry, but i cannot. I simply miss the time and webspace to provide such a file. I would have to update such a file with every new graphics. But there is no need for it at all. There is webripping software. Rightclick at my menu and open the page you want to rip completely. And then simply download the whole page. Google will lead you to webripping software.
No need to open zipfiles one by one. Most zip software gives you a way to unzip multiple files at once. Mark the zip files, rightclick, and choose extract to here. Then it should start 🙂

Q: Your 3D Meshes looks great. can you render it and let us download it?
A: I could. But i don’t want to. Making meshes for 2d result is completely different from making low poly meshes for 3d games. Colouring/texturing, meshstructure, nearly everything is different. And they have different proportions too. Which means that i would have to reshape or at least heavily need to modify the low poly 3d mesh so that the rendered result would fit to the other 2D graphics. I simply miss the time for that. Either it is a low poly 3D mesh, or it is prerendered 2D graphics. You need to render it by yourself when you really need it. See Tips 3D Meshes 😉

Q: Can i reuse the textures for the meshes, means can i build another tree with the textures of your trees?
A: Of course you can. For the textures counts the same as for the tilesets.



I first started looking for an gamemaking program in autumn 99. I haven´t known anything about programming, and i still don´t know anything about it. Except that MMF is using some kind of programmig. You simply klick at your needed code. Then I found the fabulous page of ambro`s gamescreation ressources (see linkpage). There i picked a program called action. Nice one. But i wasn´t able to figure completely out how it worked. Then i found a progam called rpgmaker 95. That was really nice stuff. Easy to handle. And i created a small rpg with it.

Because there wasn´t this much free graphics around the net, i started with painting own graphics. Phew, hard stuff if you really wanna draw all the things by hand or pixel it in an paintprogram …

I quickly finished making my grapics this way. Luckily i had a rendersoftware, Truespace 3 at this stage. So i started to learn all about rendering, owned myself truespace 4, and rendered my first tilesets. I finished my little rpg, but then i heard that rpgmaker 95 is a bit illegal (cracked software from ascii). So i never made this little thing public. It was trash anyway, just the beginning. First steps of how to create a Computergame 😉

At this point i was a bit frustrated about the programs for making games around. Learning to program? No way. Luckily i found a place called rpgmaker.net. A nice place with many rpgmaking programs in alpha or betastage. And i started producing tilesets for rpgstudio. That was also the starting point for my tilesetpage. I started my page in spring 2000. Still, i haven´t taken in account how long it takes to finish a program like this. And so i lost the contact to rpgmaker net. rpg studio has died as i know. Rest in peace.

But i still wanted to create a game, and wasn´t willing to learn a Programming Language like C++, Blitz Basic, etc. . Then i found the webpage of Multimedia Fusion. Creating a game by clicking the code together. YEAH!!! So i finally found the program i was looking for so long: Multimedia Fusion from Clickteam. Well, i still use MMF. All the games at this page are made with it !

So i am a lucky little clicker since winter 2000 … 🙂

It is 2007 now. Meanwhile i am switched to 3D and the 3d Gamestudio, trying to make 3D games. The isometric 2D graphics are a closed chapter therefore. 3D simply provides more freedom. I still use MMF from time to time though. For my litte Simple Multireplacer for example. Made to convert 3D Gamestudio scripts in C Script to Lite C 🙂

2010 – Time for a little update. Some health problems slowed me down a bit in the last three years. And learning all the new skills is also a job for its own. And i was for a while Betatester for Caligari. Until they have closed it. Very very time consuming, heh. So there is still no finished 3d game from me available. But i never give up, and i don`t stop dreaming 🙂

Spring 2011 – This spring opens another chapter. I have moved from my old webspace. And so the commercials are history now. This unfortunately also means that i have to pay for my webspace now. But i am more than willing to pay this price 🙂

Spring 2014 – After nearly three years of development i have finally finished my first full 3D game. Alister. Developed with Unity. It was a long way from 2D to 3D. But i think it was worth it 🙂

Reiner “Tiles” Prokein