2007 – The Lost Castle

7.3.2007 – The lost Castle

9.3.2007 – Reupload. Small Bugfix. Newest Version is 1.5 now.

11.3.2007 – Reupload 2. Another small Bugfix. Newest Version is 1.6 now.

22.10.2007 – Reupload 3. Snall bug fixed. Newest Version is 1.7 now.

The lost Castle is a turn-based mini strategy game. Gamegoal is to defeat as much enemies as possible and to earn as much gold as possible. This can be achieved to place the wartowers wise to defeat the invading enemies. And by building as much houses as possible to earn enough gold. The art is to find the right balance.

The castle gets damaged when an enemie reaches it. The game is over when the castle is destroyed.

The lost Castle — 5 MB — Download