Bake in Toolshelf

Bake in Toolshelf 1.0


08.11.2016 – Bake in Toolshelf does exactly what it says. The addon displays the bake tools in the Tool Shelf too. The original bake panel is untouched.

Two reasons that i have put it there. The Bake tool is for me a tool, and so it belongs into the Tool Shelf. The second reason was that i dislike the tabbing and scrolling to adjust the render settings for bake. And so i made this addon that displays the bake tool in the tool shelf. That way you can toy around with the AO and Environment settings for example, without the need to tab back and scroll down to the bake tool all the time.

I might add a second location for it in the future. Bake means you create textures. And so the bake tools should be accessible from the Image editor too. We will see, i need to do some tests first. For now the tool is in the tool shelf of the 3D view. The second location is quickly added.