Here you can find some tutorials

General Tutorials

Blender UV Mapping Tutorial Watch it

17.6.2014 – In this tutorial i’ll show you how to do UV mapping in Blender. UV mapping is the process where you create the two dimensional texture space for a three dimensional object.

Vertexpainting Tutorial for animated Trees in UnityWatch it

6.6.2012 – This tutorial explains the workflow and how to setup a tree and so that it bends in the wind in Unity by using the ats mobile foliage shaders and Blender for the vertex painting part. This works by giving the mesh different vertex colours. The result will bend then by the ats wind script or the T4M Terrain system wind settings, dependand of the painted colour.

56 Mb

Unity Blob Shadow TutorialWatch it

1.3.2010 – This little flash video shows the very first steps with the so called Projector Blob Shadows in Unity. Flashvideo. Around 14 Mb.

Giles KickstartWatch it

5.3.2009 – Giles is a Lightmapper. Here a little movie that shows the very first steps, 6.33 Mb, WMV

Handshaped 3D TreeWatch it

15.12.2006 – A little tutorial how to shape a High Poly Tree without any treemaking software. By hand. The tutorial is online.

trueSpace 6. 6 UV Mapping Editor tutorialWatch it

19. 3. 2006 – A tutorial for the UV Mapping Editor in Caligari´s trueSpace 6. 6.

This tutorial explains by a cube the functions of the UV mapping Editor. And describes how to work with it. UV Mapping is essential when it comes to a good texturing. The tutorial is online.

Bones TutorialDownload

Here comes a Bones Tutorial for the native Bones System of Caligari´s Truespace. It is made with Truespace 4. 3 and Truespace 6. 6. And so it should fit to all Versions with this Bones System. It also contains some Workarounds for some of the quirks in this a bit stoneold Bones System. 4, 5 mb, zipped html version

In Fight with trueSpaceDownload

Beginnertutorial for Caligari´s Truespace . This is a tutorial to start learning to handle caligari´s Truespace. Made with Truespace 4. 3. Truespace is the rendersoftware with which i am creating my graphics. Just for the case that you want to make your own ones … :). 1, 7 mb, zipped html version

Isotiles TutorialDownload

This tutorial is about creating 2d isometric tiles using a rendersoftware. 990 kb, zipped html version

Tutorials MMF

Absolute Beginner Tutorial for MMFWatch it

11. 6. 2002 – This tutorial explains the very first steps in Multimedia Fusion 1.5 . Maybe useful when you are completely new to MMF. The tutorial is online

3D Fake JumpengineDownload

16. 7. 2002 – I have extracted the platform jump engine from my Game Drachenhort. There are not this much comments inside, but it´s divided in groups. Maybe needful to some of you. You need Multimedia Fusion to open the *. cca file inside. 344kb

Enemy AI for more than one EnemyDownload

10. 10. 2003 – Once i had a working code for an enemie. Kind of Diablo 1 Enemies: when the Hero is far away, normal walking. When the Hero comes close, invade him and attack. and the enemie is following around corners. Worked fine for one enemie. And then i tried to rewrite the code for more than one enemie … the hardest piece i ever tried. Sometimes MMF is very prudish. But finally it is working :). Maybe you are in the same trouble, and the AI is useful for you.

It needs the Direction Calculator Extension. The code is fully commented. You need Multimedia Fusion 1.5 and up to open the *. cca file inside. 474 kb