Here you can find my games. They are freeware. If not described different, all applications and games comes as an install file, and are meant to run on Windows.

Nibbler Valley – More Info

Windows Standalone, 38.9 Mb
Windows Installer, 38.7 Mb
Linux Standalone, 57.1 Mb

Unity 5.1 Project file. 187 Mb

Nibbler Valley is a bubble shooter game.

Alister More Info

Windows Rar file, 245 Mb Download
Windows Installer, 259 Mb Download
Linux. tar.gz file, 254 Mb Download
Mac OS X. Zip file, 245 Mb Download

10.3.2014 – Alister is a 3D Jump n Run with puzzle elements. You lead your hero through a 3D world, collect book pages, avoid traps and defeat enemies. And you have to solve riddles to receive items for a magic potion.

Parcel GT — 6.2 MB — Play Parcel GT More Info

12.1.2011 – Parcel GT is a little mousecontrolled racing game. It is in Flash, and you can play it online. There is also a standalone version available. Follow the More Info link to read more.

Snailrace — 5.5 Mb — Play SnailraceMore Info

27.7.2010 – A Flashgame. Try to reach the goal as fast as possible, by pressing spacebar as fast as possible.

Johnny Divoe — 14.2 Mb — DownloadMore Info

28.11.2010 – A board game in Bejeweled Style. Order three blocks in a row to remove them.

The lost Castle — 5 MB — DownloadMore Info

11.3.2007 – A roundbased mini strategy game in Tower Defense manner. First you settle, then you defeat the enemies in every level.

Pancake Luigi — 15 mb — DownloadMore Info

19.11.2006 – A small fungame. Pancakes throwing 🙂


Cave Dave — 12.1 mb — DownloadMore Info

27.12.2005 – Cave Dave is a simple One Frame shooting game. You explore a valley with Cave Dave, a cave man, and hunt rabbits.

Arunderan — 76.7 mb — DownloadMore Info

26.10.2005 – Arunderan is a mousecontrolled 2D Action Adventure. The nimble Stan has the oder to free the town Arunderan from a curse.

Thingmachine — 1.42 mb — Download More Info

22.2.2004 – Thingmachine is a simple roundbased Puzzlegame. The goal ist to destroy as much samecoloured Blocks as possible at once.

Jewelpicker — 1.68 mb — DownloadMore Info

6.4.2003 – Simple puzzlegame. Try to pick as many jewels as possible in one try. This one was more a test than a really useful and playable game.

Rumbeard the Pirate — 3.46 mb — DownloadMore Info

23.1.2003 – A small shootergame. Pick up rumbarrels to let rumbeard and his crew have a party. But beware of the enemies …

Drachenhort — 9.55 mb — DownloadMore Info

1.11.2002 – Drachenhort is an Action Adventure. Collect jewels, explore dungeons, enemies, riddles, traps. Hero is a dragon called Gwynnalfaidur. Some wizards have stolen his treasures.

Space Pirat — 2.15 mb — DownloadMore Info

12.3.2002 – A small Shootergame. Pick up all stars to enter the next level.

Memorystyle — 1 mb — DownloadMore Info

20.1.2002 – A simple memory style game. This one was made to explain somebody Flags and Alterable Values. That’s why it also contains the *.cca source file. You need MMF 1.5 to open the source CCA.

Pickpick2 — 1.2 mb — DownloadMore Info

28.11.2001 – A small actiongame. Pick as many grains as possible. But beware of the dangers of a farm …

Bonehunt — 1.78 mb — DownloadMore Info

28.11.2001 – A Moorhuhn-clone. Simply shoot the enemies …

Dämonenwelt — 3.72 mb — DownloadMore Info

28.11.2001 — A Jump n Run. Archangel Gabriel had made a mistake when he cleaned his trumpet. He accidentally played it. But playing the trumpet means the armageddon. All demons are set free. Only the Timeaunts can fix this problem. So rescue them.