2005 – Arunderan

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Note that the game does not run fine on Windows 10 anymore. Windows 7 maximum.

Upload at 26.10.2005

Arunderan is a mousecontrolled 2D Action Adventure.

The nimble Stan has the order to free the town Arunderan from a curse. All citizens are changed into sheeps. Their bodies are trapped in soulstones, which are placed all over Arundistan. Destroy those soulstones to change the citizens back to normal. Defeat the bad Gnarz who has cursed the citizens of Arunderan.


  • Amazingly big gameworld, riddles, traps, real time combats …
  • Two languages. German and English.
  • 800X600 Screenresolution, fullscreen
  • Music in complete album length
  • Minimum Requirements* : 1 Ghz Processor; 256 MB Ram; Win 9X, ME, 2000, XP; DirectX 8 or higher

*That should be enough. The game was developed at an AMD XP 2000+, 1 Gig ram, and a Radeon with 128 MB ram.

Just for fun i have tested it at my stoneold AMD K6/2-450 with 128 MB Ram and an Ati Radeon with 32 MB Ram. The game was amazingly slow, running at 5-10 FPS. And the loading times between the frames was also a chapter for itself. Well, it worked, but it makes no fun that way. THIS configuration was definitely too slow 😉

Arunderan 76.7 MB — Download


Note about Music: When you feel that the quality of the music is too poor with its 64 Kbits, then you should have a look at the page of David Wide:


David Wide offers the music for Arunderan as a purchase album. In a 192 Kbit quality. The WMA versions of it can be tied into the game without problems. Simply replace the 64 Kbits WMA songs in the Arunderan Folder by the 192 Kbit WMA versions. However, I take on no support or responsibility for the album. It is a complete property of David Wide.