2009 – Reiner´s Tilesetmaker V3

Tilesetmaker V3 Version 3.03 , desktop version — 1.14 Mb — Download

Tilesetmaker V3 Version 3.03 , mobile version — 0.97 Mb — Download

28.3.2013 – Version 3.03 goes gold

I did some further tests, and everything works as thought. The software still does what it should do. And the problem with the blank setttings should be history now.

The following steps are just relevant when you have more than one user at one pc using the software with different accounts:

One problem is left though. My installer, the MMF internal installer, does not install global. But just for the current user. Means when you log in as a guest then the settings can be read. But not be modified. You can work with it, that`s no problem. But when you quit and restart the app, then the values are back at the old values. Other installer solutions can install global, but they are no real options. Either too expensive or too complicated to handle. And the mobile version wouldn`t benefit from it anyways.

There`s fortunately a manual workaround in case you really need global access with all accounts. To give TilesetmakerV3 global access, means that you can also store settings from a guest account, you have to give the folder with the settings file write access rights for guests.

First make sure that you are in an account that has the rights to modify folder permissions. You need admin rights.
Then make sure that the ProgramData folder is visible. It`s a hidden one. To make it visible go to any folder, choose Extra/ Folder options, choose the View tab, and have a look for hidden files and folders item. Change it to show hidden files and folders.
Then have a look into the ProgramData folder. It`s simply at C:\ProgramData . There is a folder called tilesetmakerv3 in it when tilesetmakerv3 is installed or the mobile version was used. Right click at it. Coose Properties. Choose Security. Click at Edit. And here you have to give the folder write access for users. Full access doesn`t hurt here neither. Then click OK.

You should be able to change the settings from within Tilesetmaker by using a guest account now too.

26.3.2013 – Update to Tilesetmaker V3 version 3.03 – Beta

I was told about trouble with my software. Some users are getting no settings. And without the settings the software doesn`t work. My guess is that it has to do with account settings under Windows. The settings that gets stored in the AppData folder are user dependand. And another user may start the software, but may not have access to the settings then. Another account means another AppData content. The almighty rights hassle …

I have changed the storing path for the settings files in this version. From appdata, which is for a single user, to Program Data, which is global. I have also changed how the internal stuff works. In previous versions i have installed the settings folder with the installer. Now the software checks at startup if the settings folder exists. And creates it when not. Which leads to the second changing. You can now choose between a installer version that has the convenience to setup everything to the right places. Like the start menu, and placing desktop icons, and having an uninstaller. And a mobile version, where you just extract the stuff and click at the exe then.

I am still not sure if i have fixed the right thing. And every changing may break some things. Even when it works here as thought. This means this versions are beta for now. The old version is still available below.

16.1.2009 – Tilesetmaker V3

Tilesetmaker V3 is a little application to make a big tileset out of several small pictures by union them together.

Here a quickstart for the hurry ones.

First you need to setup the size of your tileset. Of course big enough that it can carry all pasted pictures. Either you choose one of the predefined ones from the dropdown box. Or you type in your values into the edit boxes.

Then you load the single pictures with one of the following methods:

1) You mark your pictures in a folder and drop them into the workspace then.
2) You click at the Choose Folder button, and choose the folder with your pictures.
3) You click at the add files button. And choose your files to add there.

That’s it in case the Auto Tilesetmaking is still activated. Pictures gots converted to a tileset, and you can save your tileset now 🙂

Tilesetmaker V3 Version 3.02 — 1.09 Mb — Download