Bforartists 1.0.0 RC1

We have a new version of the Blender fork Bforartists ready. This version of the 3D software is a release candidate for the upcoming version 1.0.0. It marks the end of the initial development cycle. Nearly three years of work comes to an end. And most of the initial goals are fulfilled.

The download can as usual be found in the download section. We have as usual first the Windows binaries ready. Please be patient.
The release notes are located here:

There aren’t this much changes in this release. Just around 40, and most of them small ones. The Bforartists 1.0.0 RC1 release is mainly cleanup work and last fixes to prepare the final version. We have catched a few bugs, extended the material library vx by more materials, added some last icons, and did some last changes. There were for example still two “are you really want to delete” dialogs around.

A note to Cuda in the 32 bit Windows version. GPU rendering may or may not work for you. Cuda 9 doesn’t support the outdated 32 bit architecture anymore. I have compiled the 32 Bit version with Cuda 8 now. But it throws still an error with my Nvidia 1060. So expect GPU rendering not to work in the 32 Bit version. Please upgrade to a 64 Bit Windows in this case. It is more than time!

The further road map is to wait until the Blender 2.8 development at the UI is finished. Makes no sense to change something that is under a permanent change anyways. A first incarnation of Blender 2.8 should arrive at the next Siggraph. And then we can have a look at it, and will continue the development. But we don’t run out of work. We need a new homepage since Drupal 7 is now EOL. And at the documentation front there is years of work waiting.

As usual, a big thanks to the team!

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