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CuHe cleanup

Unity has released Version 4.6 final, and  the CuHe source files are also gold now. And so my project comes to an end. I’ve cleaned up a bit, made a new page, made the former page to the developer diary, and deleted all old development builds.

There are two project files now with the source code. The one is the full CuHe Project. The other is the isolated Windows File Browser solution that i have used in CuHe. That’s a special baby, and deserved its own project file.

In Development – CuHe Version 1.0

CuHe is final now. And is ready to download. One last big changing: Cuhe is now under MIT license.

For the Unity project file to be completed i have to wait for the final Unity 4.6 version. That’s why CuHe is still in development.

It’s in Apps / In Development – CuHe

Now for something completely different. You may have noticed that i was everything but busy with making graphics in the last time. I have no game in development, so i have no graphics to create. I am in making music at the moment, one of my other hobbies. Means there is also not in the nearer future graphics to expect, sorry.