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In Development – CuHe

Time to develop something new.

CuHe creates some kind of a heightmap mesh. But not one vertice per pixel, but one cube per pixel. Something like a cubic heightmap. That’s where the name comes from CUbic HEightmap. It isn’t finished yet. But it already does what it should.

It’s in Apps / In Development – CuHe

I am right

Click at Image to see it in full size.

I am right!

Normally i develop games. But from time to time i feel for making a still. All three or four years or so.

The motif is in my head since quite a while. I made a scribble for it long ago. Now i have finally spent a few days to redo it in 3D. It took me four weeks to create everything up to this final render.

Modeling happened in trueSpace and Blender. Sculpting in 3D Coat. Texturing happened in Blender, 3D Coat and Gimp plus a homebrew tool called Halo Remover. Scene setup, rigging, posing, and rendering happened in Blender and Cycles. Post processing in Gimp. Levelling and adding the background image in the window.

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