New Blender Addon – Mini Lightlib

Beware, Beta!

Mini Lightlib is a little addon that gives you some standard lighting settings for the Cycles renderer. It contains for example the classical threepoint setup. But also some basic volumetrics examples. And the needed backdrop for a studio setup.

It does unfortunately not work with the newest Blender version 2.78, a real pity. There is a Blender bug that will crash Blender to desktop when you try to append a light library. And it’s nothing that i can change since it is a Blender bug. I have nevertheless finished the addon. It works fine with Blender 2.77 and below. If everything else fails then you can still use the single scenes in 2.78.  And maybe the Blender developers are so kind to release a 2.78b version with the needed fix at one point …

The addon can be found here:

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