Fed up with Blender Artists, the official Blender community page

This is a really sad news. But  i simply have to point at this dark chapter of the Bforartists history. Trolling. Open source projects knows this problem too well. And in the very most cases you simply ignore the trolls. It’s wasted time to discuss with the poisoned folks.

But there is a point where you cannot ignore it anymore. When it becomes character assassination. And that’s exactly what happened with the fork and me at the official Blender community page Blender Artists.

As some of you know, i have started this Blender fork because i want to change the Blender UI to something where even unexperienced users have an easy access to. To stop talking, and to show action. To show at a working prototype what changes can easily improve the Blender UI. And to have a UI and usability where i personally feel much more comfortable with. Remember, the Blender UI is officially made with Python so that even the USER can modify it. At least in theory.

And i got trolled really hard for that.

The Blender Artists community is dominated by trolls. They have fool freedom there, and can do nearly everything without consequences. And the trolls took this attempt as direct attack at Blender. How can i even think about changing the god given UI! And to fork Blender! Blasphemy! And so the thread where i search for volunteers for further development became one of the worst shitstorms that i have ever experienced. And the trolls picked really everything apart. And accused me in the end even to be a sex offender and pedophile because of the splash screen in the first Bforartists versions. Which showed a playing baby.

And since then i cannot post anything about the progress of the fork at Blender Artists without getting trolled, accused and character assassinated. Officially protected by the leadership of Blender Artists. They knock at the freedom of speech.

Of course just when it fits their needs. Blender Artists is known as one of the most censored communities world wide. It has one of the most biased moderationship that i have ever experienced. Say something that just looks like critics at Blender or their developers, and you get trolled hard ( protected by the mods ), or simply censored away. Lots of of my postings at Blender Artists has gone this way over the years by simply pointing at the Blender flaws and getting involved into quote battles then. All in all is Blender artists one of my worst community experiences so far.

I tried for a pretty while to simply ignore the trolling at Blender Artists. Now i finally gave up. It became too much. Blender Artists will not be longer part of my life. And so i try since a few days now to get my account deleted at Blender Artists. But even here i get trolled. They simply ignore me. And won’t let me go it seems.

As told, this is a really sad part of the Bforartists history. But it must be told. Trolling is nothing god given that you have to tolerate. And there is lots that can be done agains character assassination. To make it public is one important step here. Which i do now.



5 thoughts on “Fed up with Blender Artists, the official Blender community page

  1. mokalux

    hello reiner,

    I find your goal worth it because blender is so complicated compared to other 3D soft I used in the past.
    I am following your progress but I cannot help sadly.

    I will try your latest version and see if I can make suggestions.

    Is the latest version fully functional or are there big bugs ?

    Thank you.


  2. Reiner Post author

    Thank you 🙂

    Yes. I know how complicated the Blender UI is. In my opinion unnecessary complicated at more than one area. And that’s why i have started this project.

    There’s always the chance to have a bug. But i hope not. What is there is some flaws. Bforartists is still in development. I have heavily removed the old Blender way of doing things by hotkeys. But the substitute is not there in all cases yet. So please don’t expect everyhting to work flawless or even at all. It’s in development 🙂

  3. kthandyman47

    Just a quick “thank you” for opening my eyes as I try to understand the 3D world as a total noob and know nothing about this community but have had and heard of similar experiences in other online communities that have nothing to do with graphics.
    I’ve just started my journey in searching for a 3D program that has is easy to use without the high learning curve. Anyone like myself wanting to learn and get started in creating 3D graphics needs a program designed for the noob, to build confidence and see results quickly. As I’ve see in blender, it has well made and has tons of feature, maybe too many for myself and what I’m wanting to achieve.
    Thank You for all your work and best of luck in the future.

  4. Gabrielle

    Reiner, I am so sorry to hear what you’ve been put through.

    I’m a bit ‘stupid’ when it comes to software, so I’ve never created anything with Blender or any other program, but I just wanted to say that there’s just no excuse for peoples’ behaviour when they’re hiding behind a keyboard on the internet.

    Hugs to you! Keep your chin up!

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