Server migration and updated links

The page has moved to a new server hardware. And to my surprise it turned out that most of my download links didn’t work anymore.

First i thought it is a setting at the new server. But then i found out that this was caused by Google Chromium. All browsers based at Chromium doesn’t allow downloads from http anymore. But requires now a https download url. And my page used http links everywhere for downloads. It exists since over 20 years now.

There is no warning. The links then simply refuses to do anything. This must have started last year. I usually rarely download content from my own page. So it needed the server move to make me aware of the problem.

So sorry for the broken links. They are now all secure https links and should work just fine again. Please contact me in case there are still some broken links at the page.

And thanks Google for breaking my page.

  • Reiner

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